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The new intelligent way to acquire customers

The problem when prospecting:

80% of the time spent prospecting is wasted.

time spent prospecting sourcing outreach

Our solution:

We target and automate lead outreach in one click

  • Salespeople focus on meetings, not tasks

  • Marketing ensure all leads are well handled by sales

  • VPs of sales and CEOs have a predictable sales pipeline

We provide powerful answers to simple sales questions.

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“Who should I prospect?”

New leads ranked by MATCH Score for any territory. Artificial intelligence and machine learning ensure better conversion.

“Will this lead accept a meeting?”

6.4 million of decision-makers are ranked by the REACH Score. To target the most responsive leads.

“How do I reach this lead?”

Engage any lead in an outreach sequence. Automatically uncover their email from any source.


Fully integrated with:

For start-ups, SMBs and Enterprises

The best stats on the market

Our automated sequences mimic human emails to deliver the best open & response rates in the industry.

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A full solution for prospecting

All to scale a respectful engagement: priority leads, sales outreach, CRM sync, performance consulting.

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Actionnable data-driven scores

Unique data to answer simple questions: “Who should I prospect? How easy to reach these leads? Will they give a meeting?”

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