We have a unique dataset to address simple questions

0.3 billion

scoring signals on companies

With inbound or outbound leads, we need to rapidly target the right ones. We have detailed information on all companies and their decision makers, with more than two billion external signals. Machine-learning and A.I. algorithms are much more effective than filters to prioritise the ones who will convert to customers.

The MATCH Score ranks all leads to know:

"Who should I prospect?"

0 million

touches with VIP leads

We have sales interactions with close to 7 million decision-makers. For each of them we have detailed firmographics, demographics, geolocation and professional habits. A.I. algorithms can then predict when it's the right time for them to accept your request and have a productive conversation.

To answer this simple question:

"How do I reach this lead?"


sales meetings

We triggered more than 150k sales meetings until now. With the largest dataset of sales interactions in the industry, we can predict how easy you can reach a lead, prior to engaging them. Our users trust  algorithms to rank leads. Not just because they fit with their offering, but also because they accept meetings.

The REACH Score is here when you wonder:

"Will this lead give me a meeting?"

Romain Baert, Mazeberry

" We now trigger meetings with 25% of targeted leads in one click! "

Romain Baert, Chief Revenue Officer, Mazeberry

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