The art of writing emails

Designed for sales and marketing teams. Whether you are a newbie to cold emailing, or you wish to boost and enhance your engagement techniques, this workshop is made for you!

An effective email is the key to good prospecting. We say that the difference between a good and bad prospecting email is … the meeting rate that it generates.
The workshop comprises of training for 1 day to learn how to transform engaged leads into conversations and conversations into projects, through emails and strategic follow-up.

Your workshop takeaways

  • Easily identify your persona, his/her mindset, and particularities

  • Craft the type of email that fits the need of your ideal client

  • Get the email performance within your market (open rate, response, positive touch…)

  • Catch your prospect with psychological leverage and new prospecting techniques

  • Carry out warm calls

“I’m shaken up in my certainties. I like the disruptive approach. I understand that we really need to prospect. We are now losing our inhibitions”

Olivier Breton, VP Sales at ZAYO

“I'm surprised. I was twisting myself in knots with prospection. The "Aloha" method makes it a lot easier.”

Philippe, Sales representative at ZAYO

“IKO’s workshop helped us to get an even better visibility on how to approach our potential clients. We especially liked the theoretical and practical mix that we got in the workshop.”

Reda, Consultant at HubOne

The speakers


Co-founder of IKO


Business Development Team lead
Arnaud Daphy Triptiq


Certified content partner

The location

SIDETRADE Paris (IKO System)
20 rue du sentier
75002 Paris