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We score leads that match with your product

Forget list filters. Machine-learning technologies show +92% better productivity at evaluating the value of a lead for you.

Based on your past successes, your interactions, and our 2 billion external data points on companies and contacts, we can easily generate a continuous flow of your best leads. All ranked by the MATCH Score, their propensity to be interested in your offering.

Predict the REACHability of a lead

We have 7 million touchpoints with decision makers to score their probability to respond to your prospecting. This dataset of interactions is unique in the industry. Data science can then predict if someone is easy to reach or hard to engage, before you take action.

The REACH Score answers a permanent question: "Will this lead give me a meeting?". You can leverage this score with multiple strategies such as Account-Based Selling ("who to target among Exxon's marketing directors?"), Passive Inbound Priority ("who to reach out first?"), or CRM Lead Revival ("which old lead can we work on?").


  • Live Interest

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Score lead curiosity to prioritise calls

Calling a cold lead out of the blue is challenging and ineffective.

We score the interest of all the leads you engage, based on their interactions with your message (clicks, opens, forwards), balanced with their action time. You always have a fresh list of warm leads to call, ranked by their current level of interest.

Intelligent machines for low-value tasks

We know prospecting is full of tiny repetitive and low-value tasks: build lists or filter inbound leads, read profiles to guess the right target in an account, guess valid emails, call, customise en email, create a reminder, call again, detect bounces, out-of-office, classify responses properly...

Intelligent algorithms make all of this much better than we do. And we can focus on our core skill: have a productive meeting with a warm lead.

Email sales automation

Do you think our sales development solutions might fit with your offering and targets?

Discover how you can free your sales reps from repetitive tasks, prioritise their actions and reach their quota of new sales meetings.