Success stories picked from our fast-growing customers


Couchbase Builds +$700K Pipeline with IKO

Who is Couchbase? Couchbase is a powerful database for building web, mobile & IoT applications, and has won a reputation as a performance and scalability leader among NoSQL vendors. Based in the United States, Couchbase works with global clients such as Amadeus, eBay, Marriott, Criteo, General Electric, PokémonGO, LinkedIn and many others. Predictive Leads HelpRead more

Apps2Com: 26 Conversations in 4 Weeks

About Apps2Com Apps2Com helps businesses and public sector entities transition to digital B2B and B2C communication and collaboration. By providing efficient communications technologies and services, Apps2Com helps clients like Boulanger, Radiall and Ville du Havre get the most out of their online communication with clients, partners, suppliers, and many others. Need for a new outboundRead more

Shortways nearly doubles meetings after 3 months

Who is Shortways Shortways helps companies to accelerate and increase user adoption of cloud solutions (ERP, CRM, HRMS, …) with an in-app learning solution. Compatible with any software (ERP, CRM, etc.), Shortways works with large, international businesses like Total, Sodexo, LafargeHolcim and Altedia Lee Hecht Harrison to help them increase ROI on IT investments, reduceRead more

Solution B.I achieves 7% meeting rate with IKO

Who is Solution B.I? Solution B.I specializes in IT consulting & services, including operations and financial activities. Offering consulting and integration, maintenance, technology monitors, training and IT infrastructure to CAC 40 [i.e. Fortune 500] companies, Solution B.I helps businesses make better decisions during all stages of development. Increased Headcount = New Strategy Pierre Andrieu, theRead more

Mazeberry: Doubling Prospectors’ Conversations

Who is Mazeberry?   A Software ­as ­a ­Service solution, Mazeberry helps e­commerce professionals and marketers make better, more informed decisions about their digital marketing investment. Thorough reports aide in assessing campaign strengths and weaknesses, optimizing results and lowering acquisition costs. With over 150 customers in 15 countries, Mazeberry’s mission is to help their clientsRead more
prospection Agorize IKO

Success Story Agorize

Agorize Success Story   Agorize is the leader in online innovation challenges, allowing businesses to involve innovative people from around the world (students, developers, startups, associates). Aurélie Wen, Marketing Director at Agorize, shares her experience of using IKO System.  [Video in French, turn on subtitles function for English] Aurélie Wen, Marketing Director at Agorize  Read more
prospection opensourcing

OpenSourcing : la prospection automatisée

La success story d’OpenSourcing   Fondée en 2008, la société OpenSourcing s’est spécialisée dans le recrutement digital. Cette démarche se traduit par un sourcing effectué sur internet (job boards, réseaux sociaux, métamoteurs, openweb…), et une préselection des meilleurs candidats. Sébastien Canard, directeur associé d’OpenSourcing, partage son retour d’expérience sur son adoption des solutions Sidetrade. SébastienRead more
augure lead conversion

Augure’s new outbound lead generation machine

First, who is Augure?   Augure provides the first cross-channel PR and Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) software that helps PR and communications professionals to identify the key influencers of their industry, interact and build relationship with them and measure the effectiveness of the campaigns – through a combination of traditional, online, social and mobile channels.Read more

AT Internet : building an international sales machine

Context   AT Internet is one of the top players in the Web Analytics field. The company has 20+ salespeople to address global markets. AT Internet recently built a dedicated team of inside sales representatives who mainly target C-level executives in large international accounts. The sales cycle is about 6 months. Although the company isRead more
SQLI commercial

SQLI : Strenghten the volume of opportunities

Context SQLI is dedicated in implementing performance-oriented digital platforms (collaborative enterprise, industry solutions, IS integration, e-commerce, digital and social marketing…). Two years ago the company started seeing a market change with decision makers and budgets coming from non-IT departments (SQLI’s usual suspects). SQLI thus started adapting its sales force to adapt to the market switch.Read more

Cegid: Conquer new markets

The context   Cegid is a leading management software editor with 250m€ of revenues. Within the latest years Cegid has conducted a major technology switch to embrace the SaaS for its whole line of products. The market has changed with the technology : the competition is raging as never before. Cegid wants to expand toRead more
Prospection Neolane-adobe

Neolane : Build a war machine for prospecting

The context Neolane is a software vendor and one of the leading player in the marketing automation software market. The company is dedicated to hyper growth, opening multiple international offices and hiring high end sales representatives. In July 2013 the company was acquired by Adobe for $600m. Now part of Adobe, Neolane is recognized asRead more