Smart Explorer : micro targeting

430+ firmographic filters

Discover the power of micro-targeting with 430+ filters on companies in Western Europe.

Capture leads from anywhere

Inbound & outbound leads from your CRM, a web page, a file or from our own dataset of leads. The solution adapts to your process, not the opposite.

Scores to rank and give essential answers

Predictive algorithms use millions of external data to evaluate the lead’s probability to respond (REACH) and convert (MATCH). Prior to engagement.

AI-powered source of new leads

We automatically generate the most pertinent lists of prospects for your territory. We use machine-learning and AI to provide outbound lead sourcing in a click.

create an email sequence - example

Smart Engagement with outreach sequences

Sales development runs behind the scenes

You create sequences of custom email touch points to ask decision makers for a meeting. No tasks, no reminders, sales development is working in the background.

Human emails sent from your inbox

To mimic human emails and reach the highest response rates, your meeting requests are sent from your mailbox. Marketing teams can engage on behalf of sales reps’ from their mailboxes.

Unlimited sequences for users and teams

We don’t address leads the same way if they live in London or Barcelona, work in Manufacturing or IT… Users have the autonomy to share, clone and adapt dozens of sequences to improve their performance and customise the context for maximum customer experience.

Our business model is based on the volume of leads you engage, not the number of users you have. 

Senior consultants help create efficient sequences

We help you to improve your outreach process, work on your offering and buyer personas to ensure the best sales development results.

Designed for maximum meetings

Priority call list with warmer leads

We evaluate how your leads interact with your messages and how interested they are. With the Live Interest score, sales reps focus on calling the warmer leads.
Less work, more results.

We work where you work

Adopting a new software can be painful. Our solution lives where you work: your CRM, your mailbox, your browser.

We designed a one-click user experience.


No more tasks and reminders

Sales outreach messages are automatically sent and stopped on response.

Finally sales reps get rid of tiny repetitive tasks, reminders, or manual entries, to focus on their core skill: conversations.

Create a great customer experience

A.I. to make the magic happen: artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies tell you who to focus on, how to engage the conversation, when to pick up your phone. No hard selling, just leads you can really help.

Automation to create more magic moments: Responses are automatically detected and qualified to auto-stop the sequences. Invalid emails or Out of Office replies are automatically detected and classified. Lead activity tracking shows you what your lead does and its level of interest. Automation accelerates human touches, not damages it.

live interest sales outreach analytics
capture outreach stats analytics

Powerful tracking and team management

Teamwork and collaboration

Gamification: Users benchmark their performance across the team, can share, clone and adapt interesting engagement sequences.

Fits with your sales process: The solution is modular, with marketing or sales assistants being able to engage a lead on behalf of a sales rep (transparently for the lead).

For larger teams: Managers can easily create accounts, manage user rights, configure security levels.

Tracking sales activities

Team managers can easily monitor activity and performance within a group of users.

Users have readable statistics on their progress towards objectives, to ensure quotas are attained.

A.I. powered analytics



A process to improve results over time

We propose advanced professional consulting services, encompassing project shaping, on-boarding, buyer-focused tactics, prospecting workshops, to build or optimise a sales development process.

Our Customer Success team conducts regular management reviews with you to analyse performance, provide benchmarks and new ideas to make results improve over time.

We also train and work with solid external consultants, agencies and integrators to ensure that the output of the project fits with the ROI plan we have agreed on.


A+ Grade security

We believe that CRM and mailboxes contain sensitive corporate information.

The security of our IT infrastructure and application layers is designed, managed and audited to match Fortune-50 requirement levels.

Several of our large customers regularly conduct security tests.