Privacy policy

Our commitment to privacy and security

Data protection

IKO System is designed to ensure the confidentiality of credentials, API access, user personal data and (especially) business data. All companies you tag as clients and prospects remain your personal information and shall not be accessible either to others users, system administrators or third parties. Personal information you inject in IKO System (including credentials) is yours and shall not be shared with any other party. IKO System users can adjust their privacy settings within the platform at any time. We do not use personal information for data marketing, advertising or user profiling for advertising. When you stop your subscription to IKO System, all your personal data are completely deleted (except for the ones required by regulations). We may at some time collect and store personal information from CRM for contact-matching purposes. We ensure that CRM data are not accessible to other users in no way, and we restrict collected CRM-related data to the strict minimum: we therefore do not collect or manipulate SFA information, financial figures, documents, email/messaging content or any other information that would not be strictly necessary for delivering our service.

With regards to our integration with Google Contacts or Google Apps Gmail, our applications might have access to Google user data and temporarily store user data for technical purposes (send/read/interpret messages). User data can not be sold or shared with third parties and we do not store message contents or attached documents.

Our integration with social networks platforms requires API connections by our users. We are committed to not send direct messages on this platform (without the user expressed consent), and do not publish on Walls or Timelines. Your data remain at IKO System, on our secure storage servers. The infrastructure management is operated internaly. The security of the infrastructure is enforced through vulnerability maintenance and several security audits each year, conducted by our partner LEXSI, the #1 European security audit services provider.  

Personal profiles

If you use IKO System or if you have some sort of relationships with IKO System users, your personal profile may appear on our platform. We do not display personal profiles to the public in general or through search engines. Only registered users can see contact profiles. Whenever you are a registered user of IKO System or not, you can request the amendment or the complete deletion of your profile from our platform. For this purpose, please contact Nicolas at If you request the complete deletion of your profile, we will ensure your privacy in the future.  

Payment and billing information

We do not view, manipulate or store your payment information. Your credit card details are completely managed by Paypal Inc or by a regulated banking institution. Billing information is operated from service.