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Quick and Dirty Guide to Cold Emailing

Ready-to-use templates, internal open rates and tips for sending truly effective outreach emails


As a sales automation company, we've sent our fair share of cold emails. We know what works - and what doesn't - by scrutinizing our engagement analytics, rigorous A/B testing and a strong dose of out of the box creativity. We've fined tuned our process to get answers like these:

cold email response

Our sales directors decided to pass down their wisdom in this quick and dirty guide to cold emailing, for those sales reps who might need a refresher course on how to actually get responses with outreach. This practical guide includes:

  • arrow Using buyer personas and pain points to amazing effect
  • arrow 12 irresistible templates we've used ourselves - plus internal open and response rates
  • arrow Data-driven tips for writing subject lines, sending times, etc.