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International Prospecting: An Intro Guide

France – Germany – Italy – U.S. – U.K.


Ever talk to a lead from another country, and suddenly you realize…prospecting is definitely not the same across the globe!


Should you be formal or relaxed? What are the local laws on cold emailing? Which engagement technique works best? How do they react to salespeople in X country?


In our International Prospecting Intro Guide, (the ebook companion to the cross-border prospecting webinar), we cover the particularities of prospecting in France, Germany, Italy, the U.S. and the U.K. in depth. We’ve focused on cultural differences and practical considerations that impact the sales process, from the point of view from someone not from these areas.



  • arrow Cold emailing templates per country (plus open/response rates)
  • arrow What to say (and not to say!) in different cultures
  • arrow How to pitch, do follow up, when to call…
  • arrow First-hand insights from international CEOs and VP Sales
  • arrow Free trial of GlobeSmart, an online cultural intelligence resource…