ABM Beginner’s Guide
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Account-Based Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide


SiriusDecisions recently found that 92% of B2B marketers recognize the value of ABM (Account Based Marketing) and see it as a “must have” business strategy, and 52% of surveyed companies currently have ABM pilot programs in place.

ABM is seen as the future of B2B marketing, but there is a lot to consider when starting out on a radically different strategy which requires a fundamental shift in mindset, as well as sales and marketing team organization and alignment.



In this 19-page eBook, you’ll find

Why you should implement an ABM strategy ASAP.

How to implement an ABM strategy with a step-by-step guide.

What tech solutions you can use to optimize your ABM strategy.

How to ensure ABM success with proven, actionable tips and best practices.

What metrics and KPIs to use to measure ABM success and progress.

Expert advice from B2B marketing & sales thought leaders Jon Miller and Tim Hughes.