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Stats and insights from 800k sales conversations

Exclusive statistics to understand what works and how decision makers react to meeting requests.


We have analysed 800k sales prospecting emails sent by sales people to 100k decision makers (CEOs, HR, CIOs, CMOs…) in the UK, Benelux and Northern Europe.


Which are the best days for prospecting? How do CEOs or CFOs respond to prospecting? What are the questions to avoid or the ‘magic’ words which trigger meetings?

sales emails positive response rates

This 20-pages ebook crunches more than 40 stats to get insights on:

  • arrowHow many meetings can we get with sales prospecting emails?
  • arrowHow many follow-ups do sales reps need to send?
  • arrowWhich keywords are show stoppers or create magical reactions?
  • arrowHow different personas react to meeting requests?