Success Story Agorize

Agorize Success Story


Agorize is the leader in online innovation challenges, allowing businesses to involve innovative people from around the world (students, developers, startups, associates). Aurélie Wen, Marketing Director at Agorize, shares her experience of using IKO System.  [Video in French, turn on subtitles function for English]

Aurélie Wen, Marketing Director at Agorize


Agorize is a high growth, 50-person company, with offices in Paris, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.  Founded in 2011, the startup works with 150 large accounts and has already organized over 200 open innovation challenges.  Their nine salespeople prospect mostly the United States, Germany and France.

Up until now, they prospected in the traditional way; building prospecting lists and engaging prospects relatively manually.  The company tested different solutions like Yesware, Sidekick, and Pipedrive, but decided to build their prospecting around IKO System, sychronized with their marketing tool, Hubspot.

IKO’s teams helped Agorize build their feed of leads and build their engagement scenarios for each target on their market.