Solution B.I achieves 7% meeting rate with IKO

Who is Solution B.I?

Solution B.I specializes in IT consulting & services, including operations and financial activities. Offering consulting and integration, maintenance, technology monitors, training and IT infrastructure to CAC 40 [i.e. Fortune 500] companies, Solution B.I helps businesses make better decisions during all stages of development.

Increased Headcount = New Strategy

Pierre Andrieu, the Associate Director of Solution B.I, came across IKO System on the web just as he was looking to explore new prospection strategies. As the company continued to increase headcount, Pierre needed new business tactics that went beyond developing existing accounts through referrals, word of mouth and contacting clients who changed companies.

Pierre saw that IKO’s predictive net new leads, coupled with automated engagement, would be a perfect fit to help him hit his increasingly high business objectives.

“In 2015 we had 25 consultants, which quickly jumped to 35. Today we’re 50. We needed an effective prospecting strategy that could match our growth plan.”

– Pierre Andrieu, Associate Director

Predictive leads + Automated Engagement

Today, Pierre uses an effective combination of IKO predictive leads, other data sources and IKO automated engagement to prospect new accounts. IKO predictive leads supplies him with the right decision-makers, and automated engagement allows Pierre to reach out to more leads in less time, significantly cutting down on busy work.

After two months using IKO’s automated engagement solution, Pierre was able to book 20 meetings from 325 leads engaged, which represents an impressive 7% meeting rate. “I’m confident that I can exceed my quota thanks to IKO System,” comments Pierre, who already has one proposition that he is confident will close. “What’s great about IKO’s prospecting approach is that we were able to use their technology to hit our targets, without having to drastically change the way we were used to prospecting. It was very easy to implement,” adds Pierre.

“The results we’ve seen with IKO Automated Engagement are already impressive. We’re well on our way to hitting our target of signing 3 new clients by the end of the year.”

– Pierre Andrieu, Associate Director

Scenario before using IKO Automated Engagement

15 contacts prospected/week ; 15 opportunities/month

Scenario after using IKO Automated Engagement

40 contacts engaged/week ; 20 opportunites/month = increased by one third.

When asked to sum up his experience with IKO in one sentence, Pierre replied: “The most important thing about IKO is that it’s easy to use, it saves you time with sending emails and following up with leads, and it definitely increases performance.”