OpenSourcing: Automated Prospection

OpenSourcing Success Story


Founded in 2008, the company OpenSourcing is specialized in digital recruitment.  This approach means sourcing candidates on the internet (job boards, social networks, metacrawlers, openweb…) and preselecting the best ones.  Sébastien Canard, Associate Director of OpenSourcing, shares his experience integrating IKO System’s solutions. [Video in French, turn on subtitles function for English]

Sébastien Canard, Associate Director of OpenSourcing


The company OpenSourcing, part of the very competitive recruitment market, organized their sales force around five prospectors based in Paris. The most logical people for them to prospect are recruitment managers in SMBs or large accounts, but the company’s prospecting teams can also directly target human resource directors or even operational managers.  Diversifying who they spoke to was something they wanted to explore.

Before putting IKO System’s solutions at the core of their prospecting, the OpenSourcing teams used Sparklane/Zebaz 360, Jobfeed and LinkedIn to find contacts, and then mainly engaged them via telephone.

Since mid-2015, the company had a feed of IKO predictive leads in place, as well as the automated engagemend solution Smart Engagement.  IKO also helped OpenSourcing create multiple email engagement scenarios, adapted to each target and job title.  Each prospector then had the goal of generating 20 new meetings with decision-makers every month.