Neolane : Build a war machine for prospecting

The context

Neolane is a software vendor and one of the leading player in the marketing automation software market.

The company is dedicated to hyper growth, opening multiple international offices and hiring high end sales representatives.

In July 2013 the company was acquired by Adobe for $600m. Now part of Adobe, Neolane is recognized as a model for its sales machine and product quality.


The stakes

To achieve its exponential growth Neolane needs to strengthen its prospecting and enhance the management of opportunities. Neolane’s sales cycle which is long (6-to-12 months) and requires a work of evangelization deep into the organization charts. The competition is gaining momentum and may threaten the sales efforts.

Sales reps use multiple time consuming sales tools with none offering any competitive advantage.


The sales intelligence solution

Neolane picked 5 inside sales reps and 3 managers to start with IKO during 12 months. The objectives are clearly defined:

IKO’s Customer Success Program have supported users and managers for organizing prospecting sessions.

The solution is fully operational 20 days after launch.

We rapidly achieved our targets in number of meetings and volume of opportunities. This is why we deploy IKO to all of our sales teams.

Jean-Louis Serradilla Country Manager