Mazeberry: Doubling Prospectors’ Conversations

Who is Mazeberry?


A Software ­as ­a ­Service solution, Mazeberry helps e­commerce professionals and marketers make better, more informed decisions about their digital marketing investment. Thorough reports aide in assessing campaign strengths and weaknesses, optimizing results and lowering acquisition costs. With over 150 customers in 15 countries, Mazeberry’s mission is to help their clients gain perfect control over their online and offline marketing mix.

“Sale reps spent more time looking for contacts than actually writing emails”


Romain Baert, Associate and Sales Director at Mazeberry, came across IKO in 2015 as a curious inbound lead. Romain came to IKO with a clear framework for optimizing the prospecting vertical: who should sales reps contact, with what email template and with what tool. What initially piqued his interest was how IKO could address this first question -­ sourcing leads.

At the time, Romain’s team was focused on outbound prospecting to complement marketing’s inbound lead generation (which represented an impressive 80% of their pipeline). The way the sales team produced this remaining, crucial 20% was very time consuming. Searching on LinkedIn, press releases, “top 100” lists and sometimes using databases, Romain’s two salespeople spent countless hours searching not only for relevant contacts, but also their email addresses and telephone numbers.

They would then engage them with an initial presentation email, followed four days later by a second reminder message. This process, mixed with sporadic cold calling (that itself yielded quite meager results) had room for improvement. As Romain described it, sales reps were spending more time looking for contacts and contact information than actually doing their job of writing emails and qualifying prospects.

New structure, new sourcing


Romain’s sales process evolved in more ways than one after signing on with IKO in March 2015. First, they decided to remodel their structure based on IKO’s recommendation, splitting prospectors and closers, instead of relying on one team to do everything. This set­up allows each team to hone in on the different skills relevant to their particular job, and setting separate targets is generally more effective. Second, they made the IKO feed of predictive leads their only source for outbound prospecting. Prospectors suddenly had all the hot leads they needed at their fingertips, complete with contact information.

Overall, shifting from multiple, scattered lead sources to IKO’s feed of scored leads allowed the prospecting team to save time and focus much more on having conversations and detecting opportunities.

Contact-to-­conversation rate went
from 10% to 25%


The IKO Solution soon evolved an engagement automation function in order to tackle the logical next steps after ‘who should I engage’: with what email template should I engage them, and with what tool.

As a beta tester for this function, Romain obtained excellent results.

Currently, the prospectors on his sales team use different, personalized email scenarios in order to set sales meetings. The scenarios can run over a period of 5 weeks, and IKO’s consultants were there for the set up and to help write the email copy. Over a span of 4 weeks and using IKO’s feed of predictive outbound leads coupled with automated engagement, Mazeberry’s prospectors experienced a 20% response rate to emails, and a 25% conversation rate. This was a jump of 15% in Mazeberry’s contact-­to-­conversation rate. From these conversations, a third look very likely to convert into clients.

Romain sees many future applications of IKO’s email automation function, including recontacting old leads directly from their CRM, Pipedrive, or reaching out to a mature lead from an online press release.

“IKO ticks all the boxes”


The bottom line for Romain was that the combination of predictive leads and email automation was truly effective. “You no longer have to ask yourself who your prospectors will send emails to. You have the right contact, the right email, good tracking and relevant expertise.” His final word on IKO?

“In terms of prospecting, IKO ticks all the boxes.”