AT Internet : building an international sales machine


AT Internet is one of the top players in the Web Analytics field. The company has 20+ salespeople to address global markets.

AT Internet recently built a dedicated team of inside sales representatives who mainly target C-level executives in large international accounts. The sales cycle is about 6 months.

Although the company is the clear market leader in Germany and France, it is still an outsider in 15 other targeted countries.

AT Internet switched to Sugar CRM in 2013. Marketing operations generate around one third of the sales opportunities and the rest of the growth comes from outbound prospecting and up-selling opportunities.

Main stakes for growth

Prospecting is the #1 objective for the company but four issues may slow company growth:

Firstly: on the markets the company dominates, sales reps are likely to focus on up-selling instead of reinforcing its presence with market shares that are still open to be taken.

Secondly: in its leading markets (Germany, France) the company is under competitive pressure and needs to actively defend its territory.

Thirdly: decision makers in large accounts have changed and require the sales reps to identify new stakeholders such as operational managers.

Fourthly: outbound prospecting is made with no dedicated professional solution and sales reps rely on traditional sources and social networks.


Solution and success


IKO Sales Intelligence demonstrated value to AT Internet which then activated IKO for the inside sales team, before expanding the solution to 100% of the global sales force.

The IKO solution is embedded within Sugar CRM and now enjoys a 100% adoption rate.

IKO System is now the sole application for:

inside sales reps > to identify decision makers and organise pertinent business exchanges.

field sales reps > to receive alerts to defend their client base and create up-selling opportunities.

AT Internet managers have validated the value of IKO by themselves with real cases to lead the way to business success and ensure adoption by the sales teams.
Most of the growth now comes from new customers and up-selling identified through IKO System.

I organise 1 to 2 meetings per day thanks to IKO. 50% of them go straight into my pipeline !
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Virginie Karki Account Manager