Cegid: Conquer new markets

The context

Cegid is a leading management software editor with 250m€ of revenues. Within the latest years Cegid has conducted a major technology switch to embrace the SaaS for its whole line of products.

The market has changed with the technology : the competition is raging as never before. Cegid wants to expand to new markets while focusing its sales efforts on prospecting. To achieve its goal, Cegid wishes to structure and organize its prospecting efforts in a very hands-on angle.


The issue

The sales people mostly rely on inbound leads generated by marketing. These leads require
a tremendous amount of research from the sales reps to be qualified : sales trigger events,
organization map, key people to address.

Cegid managers have defined the key success factors :


The solution implemented

The first step has been to clearly define the sales objectives and investigate the ecosystem
of each business unit.

Each sales representative activated its «plug-and-play» IKO account and started receiving
alerts and detecting new qualified opportunities on territories.

IKO has integrated all territories (dynamic or named accounts) in one single platform with
insights to quickly build account maps, identify decision makers to reach, get the
competitors and partners contexts.

IKO and Cegid built a methodology and best practices (for sales managers and for sales
reps) to ensure a continuous and efficient prospecting.


We identified a new project in a 2500+ employees account just a few days after set-up and following IKO’s great training support.

The IKO solution is intuitive, fluid and fast. It provides daily assistance to build account reviews, reach decision makers, identify projects early and leverage our client base to find new prospects.

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Grégory Bayart Sales Director, HR solutions