Apps2Com: 26 Conversations in 4 Weeks

About Apps2Com

Apps2Com helps businesses and public sector entities transition to digital B2B and B2C communication and collaboration. By providing efficient communications technologies and services, Apps2Com helps clients like Boulanger, Radiall and Ville du Havre get the most out of their online communication with clients, partners, suppliers, and many others.

Need for a new outbound approach

Our old outbound approach wasn’t really effective,” comments Stéphane Grasset, Apps2Com’s Managing Partner. “We used interns or external agencies, but the results were quite poor.” The time was right for Stéphane to start exploring more efficient prospecting options. When IKO reached out with their own cold email, Stéphane was impressed, “both by the form and the content,” prompting him to learn more.

“IKO helped us reorganize to be more efficient”

Stéphane began by testing IKO Predictive Leads with Pardot to send automated email scenarios. After positive results and the release of IKO’s own email engagement platform, they switched to using IKO for leads as well as email engagement.

Today, a team of 10 prospectors and closers use IKO to reach out to promising new accounts. Engaging from IKO’s flow of predictive leads as well as LinkedIn, prospectors and new business developers spend around 45 minutes per day choosing contacts to engage in a 5-email scenario.

These efforts lead to exciting results: After just 4 weeks of use, Apps2Com was able to book 26 conversations, including 11 sales opportunities and multiple closed deals. Not only did IKO leads and automated engagement increase their meeting rate, but Apps2Com was able to put in place clear sales objectives and strengthen marketing and sales alignment thanks to IKO’s advice.

“By rethinking how we set and hit outbound objectives, IKO really helped us increase sales efficiency.” – Stéphane Grasset, Managing Partner of Apps2Com

“We definitely see the benefit of sales automation”

“What’s really great about IKO’s automated email solution specifically is that you can segment, target and send a pertinent message to the right person at the right time,” adds Stéphane. “This was impossible to do with Pardot, and we definitely see the merit in using sales automation for prospecting – we never used to get such good results with mass emailing via marketing automation!”