Why aren’t we using Tinder for B2B?

In the past, when we want to find love, we go to parties, bars, trying to chat up the person who didn’t avoid our eye contact (quick enough) and hope to find someone who’s attractive and attracted to us for something more.

And it’s not easy. The person might be very attractive, but not attracted to you (or vice-versa). Or she might look really pretty from afar (in dim lights) but completely different when you get closer. Or that person is not single, or just not looking to find someone. In the worst case scenario, he/she would’ve been the perfect match, but has JUST found someone else to talk to.

Why go to a bar when you can carry one in your pocket?

Today – with dating apps like Tinder – if you have a smartphone, you’re carrying a bar in your pocket. It provides you with an endless supply of people who are (not necessarily single, but) definitely looking for someone. Let’s say you’re a 30 year old woman with quite particular taste. You only want men with dark curly hair, 5″10, have Italian origins, love spicy food and working in the IT industry. Or you’re a 35 year old man only interested in women 10 years older than you, love cats and have really slit eyes. Before online dating, you’ll have to spend a lot of Saturday nights in a lot of bars for this fruitless hunt. Now with dating apps, no matter where you are, what time of the day it is, you’re just a few clicks and messages away from your dream guy, or girl.

If we’ve made progress in finding love more efficiently, why are we still trying to find business in the ‘old-school’ way?

We have too little time, and too many fish in the sea!

Lead generation technologies are the Tinder for B2B prospection. Through collecting and analyzing web and social media data to pick up buying signals, they narrow your sea to a small pool of interesting and eager-to-be-caught fish, one by one, scored according to their “hotness”. The suggested contacts are people who’re looking, are people who fit the criteria you’ve set, and most importantly – people who won’t be shocked when you start flirting with them.

The best part is the machine-learning algorithm works exactly like Tinder’s. The more you use it, the more it learns what kind of people interest you, and shows you more of them.

Of course, “happily ever after” is up to you…

Like Tinder, technologies for lead generation can get you in touch with your dream girl/guy, but whether there’ll be something more highly depends on how you engage, how interesting and charming you can be, how much effort you’re willing to make…Alas, happily ever after is a lot of work!



Doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some help getting those first dates 😉