Sales email stats: what are the response rates in the UK?

Normally sales people send multiple follow-up emails to obtain a meeting. The ones automating follow-up emails with automated outreach scenarios send 5.1 emails on average.


Response rate in follow-up emails

We all know salespeople do not send one single email when they try to get a meeting.

They send multiple follow-up emails. So we’ve analysed these follow-up emails as well, what we call a complete scenario with multiple emails.

Data shows that our potential to get a response with the 4th or 5th emails doesn’t drop significantly:

Positive response rates in follow-up emails


While we could imagine decision makers respond, but to tell us to stop trying or bothering…

Actually No! Data shows that responses roughly keep being positive despite the pressure induced by follow-ups.

This graph shows the positive response rate (out of all responses) depending on the position of the email within a scenario:
In average in the UK more than 30% of responses are positive and people accept meeting requests.


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