Know your Customer’s DNA: A Predictive Analytics Buyer’s Guide

Marketing and Sales analysts agree:  Predictive technologies are becoming crucial to effective tech stacks in the B2B Sales/Marketing sectors.  Clear and quick ROI, predictability, efficiency… predictive solutions offer many benefits to companies looking to generate more quality prospects, prioritize inbound leads, build an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) approach, forecast revenue and more. This is certainly great news for us, since we’ve believed in the power of predictive solutions for some time now!  It also means that the buying landscape for these solutions has become more complex.

NEW EBOOK: The DNA of your Next Customer

The DNA of your Next Customer - Predictive Analytics ebook


In this context, we decided to write the ebook, The DNA of your Next Customer, summarizing the need-to-know points of this emerging market. Alongside insights from industry experts Matt Heinz, David Raab and SiriusDecisions’ Kerry Cunningham, we cover real-world use cases for predictive analytics, how to align specific business goals with different vendor offers, what to look for in a product demo, and more.

Designed to accompany the curious CEO, CIO, Business Developer, Marketing or Sales Manager in their exploration of the Predictive Analytics landscape, The DNA of your Next Customer also explains just how these solutions work… to identify and surface ideal profile leads.


The Takeaway:

If we had to boil down the entire report into one insight, it would be the following: know your business goals! There are a myriad of predictive solutions on the market, with various pricing plans, data sources, and usability ratings…but the most crucial differentiation is where they specialize along the sales funnel. Based on your business’s maturity, sales and marketing organization, goals and strategy, certain applications of predictive analytics will make more sense – and deliver greater ROI – than others.  


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