What is the cost of your lead in B2B prospecting ?

We live in a cold cold world. The majority of B2B companies still work with old-fashioned sales organizations: Inside sales reps teams try to qualify leads on their own, and struggle to fix appointments for Field sales reps.

This funnel is totally deprecated because:

1. It does not match today’s buying behavior: 70% of B2B buyers do their own research before talking to a sales rep and decision makers mostly rely on word of mouth and recommendations before considering a provider ;

2. Field sales have networks, connections and influencers as core assets while Inside Sales teams work with prospecting lists and cold calling ;

3. Marketing spend a load of money to acquire prospecting lists, to segment inbound leads and to fight against the CRM data decay ;

4. It costs too much !!!

We designed the following deck to highlight the current situation and the dramatic effect on the cost of B2B leads:

Aftermath of cold calling from IKO

You can read hundreds of studies and sales books from trainers or gurus. You can go to any selling conference and listen to any stellar sales rep around. They all say the same : the #1 driver to make a deal is trust between the seller and the buyer. Punto. Some call it love, relationship, respect, mutual challenge or sales experience…

You probably agree with this assumption. Nothing new under the sun. I invite you to consider the organization of your sales team. Are you optimized for building the trust and providing a great sales experience to your prospects and clients ?