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Tibco lead generation

Just 5 minutes after doing your set-up, you get an alert, then a call and then a meeting… wow !

Tibco spotfire lead gen
Christophe Acher Sales Director

We’ve already got a steady flow of inbound leads but IKO brings us the big deals -companies who wouldn’t normally come to us themselves. Our conversion rates improved significantly because our SDRs now spend time having real conversations instead.

Augure leads
David Coignet VP of Demand GenerationSee the story

David Coignet Augure
Romain Baert - Mazeberry

We now trigger meetings with 25% of targeted leads in one click!

Mazeberry leads
Romain Baert Chief Revenue Officer

I organise 1 to 2 meetings per day thanks to IKO. 50% of them go straight into my pipeline !

at internet prospecting
Virginie Karki Account ManagerSee the story

Virginie Karki Lead Generation
oracle lead generation

In the absence of extensive marketing budgets to do research, IKO provides the best alternative with a near equivalent level of quality information.

Dirk Momont Senior Sales Director - Western Europe

We leverage buying signals on our leads, customers and decision makers : a faster & more efficient prospecting that drives more qualified meetings.

McAfee Lead Generation
Alexandre Papillaud Director Global Demand Center

Demand Generation Alexandre Papillaud

We rapidly achieved our targets in number of meetings and volume of opportunities. This is why we deploy IKO to all of our sales teams.

Jean-Louis Serradilla Country ManagerSee the story

I like the fact that IKO System helps me to map out targeted accounts and they also feed me with new accounts I have never heard before.[…]

Cloudreach lead generation
Quoc-Thai Dang Head of Demand Generation

Quoc Dang Cloudreach
Jerome Lefebvre Tidemark

IKO’s prospecting machine was up and running in just 3 months across the entire EMEA region. Always a pleasure to talk to their customer success team. IKO delivers its promise!

Jérôme Lefebvre Vice President EMEA

The targets have been achieved very quickly. The solution brings a significant gain of efficiency for our sales teams. This is why we took the decision to deploy IKO to all our sales forces.

SQLI commercial
Bruno Leyssene COOSee the story

Bruno Leyssene
Tim Hughes oracle social selling

IKO is part of my Social Selling strategy. It enables me to create leads, get wider and deeper in accounts as well as support sales pursuits. […] UK Sales VP says he cannot run his business without it.

Tim Hughes UK Commercial Industries Business Development Director

What I like best is that I sign new deals (I would probably have missed) with this app. The triggers I receive on my territory are invaluable.

McAfee Lead Generation
Fabien Rech Enterprise Sales Account Manager

Fabien Rech McAfee

We identified a new project in a 2500+ employees account just a few days after set-up and following IKO’s great training support.

The IKO solution is intuitive, fluid and fast. It provides daily assistance to build account reviews, reach decision makers, identify projects early and leverage our client base to find new prospects.

commerciaux Cegid
Grégory Bayart Sales Director, HR solutionsSee the story