The most reliable sources on the market


IKO includes more than 60’000 sources of information, including Reuters, Zoominfo, Bloomberg, Marketmonitor and many more. We select the most reliable official sources that exist on the market.

Our premium sources are press articles, news feeds, contact databases, company databases, industry reports, corporate transcripts, etc. About 80% of our sources are private or require premium subscriptions.

Texts and data are centralized at a contact or company level, and then filtered to match the territory of each IKO System user:

The sharpest intelligence, focused on your targets.



IKO enables the addition of third party data such as CRM data, Marketing Automation leads, address books, Excel files or social contacts.

The data you upload to IKO then enters a validation process to ensure the reliability of the information:

  matching of the uploaded data with a company/contact profile referenced from a premium source

 selecting the sub-data that matches with data already identified by IKO

 checking the data reliability (the company existence, the matching of the phone number with the contact location, the correct email address).

This process ensures the data is up-to-date and reliable. Your uploads remain anonymous as IKO works in private silos per user : no single user has access to another user’s data.


Intelligence created by IKO

IKO generates its own intelligence based on the collected structured or unstructured information.
Our technology creates buying signals that make sense for a specific territory to detect new business opportunities, business risks or high-priority leads.


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