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Our Mission

IKO automatisation ventes

Our mission at IKO is simple: automate prospecting to dramatically increase sales efficiency.

We believe that true decision makers have become unreachable, that cold calling has proven to be inefficient at all stages of the funnel, and that it’s essential for cold emails to speak to a pressing pain point. We believe that salespeople cannot have exceptional conversations with prospects if they’re constantly weighed down with repetitive, boring tasks.

To simplify sales development, we need technologies that can both identify and engage the right prospects, all in one click. This way, sales reps can focus on people, instead of the telephone.

With today’s tools and practices, prospecting can become predictable, efficient and human.

Our Culture

Our mantra is: “Be the best at getting better”. We onboard people who share our values and passion and show desire to learn and improve their sales and marketing culture.

Our religion is transparency: we support each other to move forward and improve, and we share with our customers our failures, successes and best practices.

Our whole organization is built with our clients’ success in mind, from R&D to sales and customer success. We focus on metrics, practice and business results.

200+ customers in all B2B industries

... and in 18 countries

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Tim Hughes oracle social selling

IKO is part of my Social Selling strategy. It enables me to create leads, get wider and deeper in accounts as well as support sales pursuits. […] UK Sales VP says he cannot run his business without it.

Tibco lead generation

Just 5 minutes after doing your set-up, you get an alert, then a call and then a meeting… wow !

Tibco spotfire lead gen
David Coignet Augure

We’ve already got a steady flow of inbound leads but IKO brings us the big deals -companies who wouldn’t normally come to us themselves. Our conversion rates improved significantly because our SDRs now spend time having real conversations instead.

Augure leads

We rapidly achieved our targets in number of meetings and volume of opportunities. This is why we deploy IKO to all of our sales teams.



Marc Rouvier – CEO    

With an engineering background, Marc joined the investment fund Argos Soditic before becoming general manager of Lexsi (an information security company), before founding IKO System in 2011. One day, he’ll settle down in Biarritz, but for now his surfboard is collecting dust here in Paris.


Nicolas Woirhaye – COO & CMO    

Nicolas created (stock market information) as well as CERT-LEXSI (protection against cybercrime) before launching IKO System with Marc Rouvier. He is the author of the book Les Nouvelles Machines de Guerre Commerciales and conducts numerous webinars and public speeches on hacking the sales cycle.