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SQLI : Strenghten the volume of opportunities


SQLI is dedicated in implementing performance-oriented digital platforms (collaborative enterprise, industry solutions, IS integration, e-commerce, digital and social marketing…).

Two years ago the company started seeing a market change with decision makers and budgets coming from non-IT departments (SQLI’s usual suspects). SQLI thus started adapting its sales force to adapt to the market switch.



As a first reorganization step, SQLI recently completed the implementation of a new business-oriented CRM.

Sales reps now face multiple stakeholders in their accounts. Identification and reach of new decision makers become time-consuming.

There is a strong challenge to dig deep into accounts, raise new projects early and secure deals. This situation creates pressure on the win rate.




SQLI executives select 5 sales reps + 2 front-line sales managers to start with the IKO System solution. They previously define the clear goals of this project :

Free the time and burden of the sales reps for them to strengthen their prospecting actions ;

Dig deeper into accounts (metrics on account mappings and upselling) ;

Strengthen the relationships with software partners to increase the early detection of projects.

Users and managers enter the IKO Customer Success Program (20% application training + 80% best practices to leverage the sales alerts).

SQLI judges the solution to be fully operational 15 days after launch.

Bruno Leyssene
The targets have been achieved very quickly. The solution brings a significant gain of efficiency for our sales teams. This is why we took the decision to deploy IKO to all our sales forces.

SQLI commercial
Bruno Leyssene COO