Oracle: Beating the competitors

The organization

Oracle, the world leader in enterprise software with $37B of revenues, experiences a strong growth from its Cloud Software line of business (HCM, CRM, ERP…).

The Oracle Applications European division is the #1 sales force in the industry : 1’300 inside sales representatives (based in Malaga and Dublin) address the SMB market and generate opportunities to 4’000 field sales representatives who manage large accounts.

Marketing teams generate inbound leads they pass to sales reps through Oracle Fusion CRM. In addition, inside sales reps detect leads through their outbound prospecting efforts, using third party databases (OneSource, Experian) and free information from the web (Google, social networks and online medias).


Three strategic stakes

Oracle faces a fierce competition from major companies and new challengers (SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Success Factors, Workday…).

As a market pioneer, Oracle takes the initiative to create a Social Selling program to address three strategic stakes : improve opportunity detection, protect the install base and accelerate the cross-selling.

All across Europe the Social Selling initiative becomes a key-project of transformation relying on the adoption of new sales tactics.


Solution for Oracle sales teams

The Oracle Social Selling initiative consists in providing IKO plus LinkedIn to all inside and field sales reps in 15 European countries.

The program delivers value through this process:
1) IKO Sales Intelligence generates sales trigger events and new opportunities;
2) IKO identifies the stakeholders the sales reps have to address in each account;
3) Sales reps use LinkedIn to engage with their targets through expertise and industry content.

In practice Oracle Marketing and Sales Readiness teams have set users’ accounts regarding each business unit specifics.

The IKO Customer Success program was driven to ensure deployment and adoption throughout Europe.

Oracle and IKO have partnered to measure a neat ROI of the solution along with qualitative follow-up of adoption and best practices. The ROI metrics are : the volume of opportunities and additional new closed deals.

In the first three months of the project IKO has generated several million euros of additional opportunities and offered a significant increase of the win rate.

Oracle teams have measured the ROI of the application at 300x (1€ spent for 300€ of additional revenues).

oracle lead generation
In the absence of extensive marketing budgets to do research, IKO provides the best alternative with a near equivalent level of quality information.

Dirk Momont Senior Sales Director - Western Europe

IKO is part of my Social Selling strategy. It enables me to create leads, get wider and deeper in accounts as well as support sales pursuits. [...] UK Sales VP says he cannot run his business without it.

Tim Hughes UK Commercial Industries Business Development Director

Tim Hughes oracle social selling