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arvato improves their sales prospecting
emails with 28% response rate!

The Data Intelligence experts at arvato are responsible for improving client relations and managing loyalty programs for their clients.

With the goal of improving their sales prospecting, Hakim Taalba, arvato’s Data Intelligence director, put IKO in place in September 2015, with initial results showing excellent response rates: 28% for the first 191 leads pushed in the system. For arvato, IKO is a simple tool that clearly allowed them to improve their sales prospecting.

arvato, customer marketing leader


With truly excellent consulting services, arvato develops marketing strategies and bespoke solutions for smoother, richer and more human relationships. Their teams, experts in their fields (CRM, SCM, digital marketing, financial services), rely on operational and industry specialists to offer brands effective customer marketing. With strong operational capabilities, arvato works on each step of the client’s journey to create value, and in this way significantly increases their clients’ revenues.

arvato belongs to Bertelsmann, Europe’s leading media and services group. With a presence in 40 countries, 22 European, arvato brings together 70,000 employees globally and, in 2015, achieved 4.8 billion euros in revenue, including 408 million euros in France.

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Objective: generate 1 to 2 meetings per month


arvato, with its new business acquisition strategy in full swing, was looking for a digital solution, and contacted IKO on the recommendation of a client. arvato appreciated the fact that IKO would allow them to keep lead qualification within their own sales team, as opposed to prospecting agencies, for example, where it’s necessary to delegate these tasks. This point was particularly essential, seeing as arvato’s offer often requires a relatively long sales cycle with high-level decision makers.

The goal was to generate 1 to 2 projects per month. Therefore, as part of an annual partnership, the IKO Predictive and Automatic Lead Engagement modules were put in place. They allowed for the creation of segmented and personalized email scenarios, integration with arvato’s CRM for a smooth engagement process, and three lead feeds corresponding to three of arvato’s main offers: subscriptions, data intelligence and loyalty.

“We wanted to accelerate and simplify
our outbound prospecting”


Before implementing IKO, arvato sourced leads in the time-consuming way many companies do: searching online for relevant names and contact information. Little formal structure was in place, with team members asked to fend for themselves. Making IKO the primary tool for outbound prospecting was an excellent opportunity for their team to set up a structured process and routine for sourcing and engaging leads.

Effective automated engagement


As a user of IKO, Christina Thierry, Sales Manager at arvato, was responsible for identifying a set number of leads per week, calculated according to their desired number of monthly meetings. Though a certain amount of verification was necessary, arvato was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the leads in the feed: “90% were up to date, these are really quality contacts,” clarifies Christina Thierry. Thanks to the efficacy and easy-to-use nature of the tool, Christina Thierry was able to find time in her week to engage her quota of leads and achieve her sales objectives.

Continuous, dedicated support


Throughout IKO’s implementation, (configuration, training and consulting), Christina Thierry benefitted from IKO’s dedicated Customer Success Team, “very often available, with excellent support,” Christina noted. The team was able to improve engagement rates, optimize the engagement scenario text and of course resolve various problems. IKO’s team was able to get IKO up and running in half a day’s time, with a 3-month onboarding period.

An innovative prospecting tool


For Christina Thierry, IKO’s value lies in its ability to reduce prospectors’ workload by facilitating engagement with the right contacts and accelerating the prospecting process.
For her, IKO is “an innovative prospecting tool,” which allows her to start conversations with big accounts in their prospecting territory.