Pin-point your prospects with Account Mapping

One of the greatest difficulties for a sales rep, is engaging with the right prospect, following the right leads and not get lost in the deep sea of contacts that will never be interested in their product or service. Targeting the ideal candidate is an essential necessity to ensure a win rather than a loss and account mapping might be the right solution to take into consideration.

Fundamentally, this process gives you the possibility to focus on those key players which are most likely to be interested in your service or product. Similar to an organizational chart, account mapping allows you to identify the real decision makers in an account, by SONY DSCcreating a map including a description of each of their roles and position in the company’s hierarchy; as well as their degree of influence within the account. Especially when working in large organizations, it is of great importance to pin-point the role of each and every player as well as the processes and methods they use for working with sales representatives.

To create a map, start from your best contact first then begin defining the other lead members that will be involved in the buying process and their roles and relationships to understand how the organization of that account is constructed.

To do so, it is helpful to ask a series of questions to your main contact in order to construct a full profile, and be able to achieve essential information that will work in your favor during the sale.

Here are some examples:

-What is the process used to make purchasing decisions?

-What is the process of working with channel partners?

-What is your sales process or business development?

-What is the organization structure?

-What is your marketing process?


Though it may seem a strenuous task, and the client might respond negatively to being asked a variety of questions, just keep in mind that it will allow you to be as helpful as possible in finding a solution that will fit their needs. Also, these open ended questions will give you a sense of the culture and possibly the political landscape of the account.

After gathering all of this information, it will become obvious to you who your best key-players are within the account and you can begin to focus on those individuals as soon as the selling process is in act.

Account mapping helps you reconstruct the hierarchy of an organization and pinpoint the members you will need to tackle to successfully close the deal.

Now that you know the theory, it is time to put it into practice.

What if though, there was a solution that avoided you: wasting precious time making calls, chasing contacts left and right, pestering them with questions that they don’t want to answer and play Sherlock Holmes to investigate who knows who? 

What IKO-System does, is engage you in the process with just a few clicks. 


Manually, account mapping can take days and weeks, but with our solution you can reach more prospects in less time, increasing you visibility and reducing the sale cycle.

Once logged in into your account, IKO allows you to follow your prospects and competitors giving you the possibility to track down the key players in the account you want to target.Screen-Shot-2013-05-24-at-5.34.55-PM

Furthermore, it allows you to view the position the person has in it’s organizational hierarchy as well as potential relationships you might share which, through referrals, would help you reach him more easily. 

Not satisfied yet? In case tracking your own current and future prospects is not enough, you get notified of your competitor’s actions such as new client contracts, meeting and so forth; and follow news from your favorite clients and companies.

With IKO-System account mapping can become a daily routine rather than a strenuous task.

Don’t wait, request a trial through our website and start mapping!