Fight procrastination, create urgency

As bullfighters have to calculate their every move when competing in an arena, so do sales representatives when closing a deal. Strategy is of fundamental importance and every step counts in the process, leading to an eventual victory or loss. A matador’s performance can be influenced by external factors such as: time, pressure, fatigue and distraction from the spectators, such factors, even though different, can influence the sales rep as well. One way to ease up the pain though, is to create urgency for the buyer; in other words, strategically inducing him or her to speed up the process and avoid procrastination. 

Through a simple and straight forward presentation, we have outlined the importance of Screen-Shot-2013-04-29-at-4.38.50-PMthis concept, the rules one must follow, and some examples of efficient methods sales people use in changing the buyers very next action.

Urgency is not hard to achieve, though one must pay attention to not turn it into manipulation, for that will only cause a loss in respect and loyalty from the client.