Take control and customise your own sales triggers

IKO already detects sales triggers from the news, press and reports. But in all these triggers you probably wish to know which ones are perfect for detecting top-priority accounts. And which types of events make sense to your business to drive to closed deals.

Do you know that lots of disorientated sales reps create google news alerts on some of their accounts ? And cut through the monstruous noise to find some nuggets out of it ?

Relax, customise the topics you’re interested in, and let IKO do the dirty work for you.

IKO gathers all publications related to your accounts, filters out the non-business news, qualifies the sales trigger hidden in the content and then pushes the must-read stuff to your alert feed and inbox.

«Great ! But can I even customise so that I only receive security incidents and new product launches ? And not receive the M&A or R&D stuff ?!».

Yes, now you can ! >> Customise your sales triggers in the settings.