The 13 pain points that make sales reps lose their time

The number one pain point of sales reps is time. Time lost in virtually everything but selling…

After listening to hundreds of account managers, inside sales or business developers, there are a few patterns coming back and forth by waves.


This is the checklist of top pain points of sales reps :

  • Spend time in researching information on leads (« wow, why the hell is marketing so overpaid to give us so unqualified leads ??! »)
  • Lose time in unproductive meetings, whether internally (long lasting account reviews) or with unqualified prospects (people with no buying decision power or too immature in the sale cycle)
  • Dissatisfaction with the CSO and management in general (« what is the strategy ? why is the CSO obsessed with political tricks while we need him on the field ? »)
  • No sales training whatsoever (« no, product training is NOT sales training »)
  • Do the tasks of others (« this must be the job of operations/ marketing but if I want the deal… I have to do it by myself »)
  • Feel to be the only one to be concerned (« I’m 200% focused on selling and it seems tech and support teams don’t know from where their salary comes from… »)
  • Always scratch to find out the right marketing materials (« these creative guys smoke weed and I lose my precious time »)
  • Do administrative tasks, such as feed up the #@$#! CRM and get papers signed
  • Traffic oh my… (on-field sales reps) OR being stuck at a desk all day long (inside sales)
  • No form of team spirit and assistance among the sales team
  • Territories assignments are unfair (some sales reps have juicy territories/accounts and this is a strong de-motivator for the others)
  • Sales territories are badly defined with blur limits and this leads to internal wars
  • Cold calling the hard way (« has the CEO ever heard of sales intelligence ??!! »)

Reading all these pain points, one could wonder twice before embracing a sales career… Sales reps love/need/cry for organization and procedures. As they are terrified by time passing by, they want a crystal clear environment and square tasks.

One question remains : How CSOs handle these frustrations?

  • Fair and concerned management fills one fourth of the issues,
  • Internal and CRM organization fulfills another part,
  • Remote selling technologies help a lot,
  • And sales intelligence solutions address the pains of research time, unproductive meetings, cold calling, lead qualification and even team spirit…

If you haven’t done so already, give your sales reps a chance to love their job.


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