Info what?

If you’re still unaware of what an infographic is you should be ashamed of yourself, BUT fortunately I’m here to help you.

An infographic is a visualisation of complicated data and information that is conveyed in an easy, smart and appealing way, through the use of images and graphics.

(Un)fortunately, nowadays we live in a world where technology plays a huge role in our daily lives; we are constantly bombarded with information, feeds, instasomethinggrams, notifications, alerts, tweets, pokes, likes and so on. This has huge effects on our attention span, making it harder and harder to pay attention and retain written information that exceeds the 140 character limit.


Only 1% of information gets through the brain
90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
65% of the population are visual learners

Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic
an average of 12% more than those who don’t



To make a long story short, and to prevent you from forgetting everything I just said, here is a list of the Top Sales Infographics of 2012:

  1. Secrets of a Successful Sales Manager


  2. The Anatomy of a Top Performing Salesperson


  3. Email Marketing + Social Media


  4. The Inbound Marketing Process


    The Evolution of a Salesperson

  5. The Best Practices for Lead Response Management


  6. Toolbox of the Small Business Marketing Cycle


    And finally, #8 is of course: Sale’s Figures and Actions