Social media frenzy

Reaching more than 1 billion users, the internet is now a phenomenon we can no longer ignore, and to be honest why would we?

More surprisingly though, is the social media boom, that is affecting and influencing the lives of millions of people. From teenagers to young adults, from professionals to celebrities, and even our parents; posting, liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting and so forth has become a daily routine.

Networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, allow individuals, brands and companies to endorse themselves as best they can, competing with one another for more “likes” and connections. This phenomenon has reached the sales business as well, inducing sales representatives to rely on social media to follow, acquire and nurture new clients and prospects.

Since, 50% of companies rely on sales reps to find information on clients, they must rely on the resourcefulness of the internet to retrieve such information. But where do they mostly look?


LinkedIn has opened new windows for sales people allowing for a greater client reach and notability. Leveraging on such networks allows sales representatives to follow their clients and keep constantly updated on their moves; in fact up to 25 client profiles are viewed every day.

Unfortunately though, social media can become extremely distractive, especially in work environments, and in some cases even addictive ( have a look at Marketo’s Social Sickness infographic). Office measures are constantly being put into place sometimes even prohibiting access to such networks.


Nonetheless, we are transitioning to an era where online presence is of essential importance both for clients and sales representative, allowing for benefits such as: shorter sales cycles, increase in conversion rates and cost reductions.

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