Call Me Maybe

Though, Carly Rae Jepsen’s number one hit is not the typical reference to describe the relation sales reps have with their daily phone call routine, it might help shine a light on the unmistakably dark facts of cold calling.


Being a sales rep, is not really what you might call a “walk in the park”, but it involves enduring research, numerous phone calls and even greater rejections. Prospects, are not an easy catch and it takes an average of 8.4 calls to reach one. Moreover, the representative has only 20 seconds to raise interest on the service or product he is endorsing, before hearing the familiar sound of a dead line.

While researching sales methods, I came across a quote by the author of an
article that said (referring to phone conversations):

You must, however, smile and mean it. If you don’t feel like smiling, then don’t do any sales calling – do some paperwork instead until you cheer up. If you rarely cheer up then you should get out of selling, because unhappy people can’t sell”


True that, because tone and smile can build the trust between sales reps and prospects and lead to the 11% response rate of: “I’m interested, go on!” – Better defined as music for a representative’s ears.

Though, it is not that easy to hit a home-run, in fact 48% of responses are something along the line of: Please stop bothering, I’m not interest.


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If not, smile and call me, maybe.