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The ultimate sales automation software to engage leads and trigger 5x more meetings.

Predictive Leads phase1

Engage IKO leads or other inbound & outbound leads. In one click.

Engagement Automation phase1

Send a scenario of sales emails and track interested leads.

Stream of Meetings phase1

Get a mechanism for fast-growth and full control over your pipeline.

200+ Customers in all B2B Industries

Jerome Lefebvre Tidemark

IKO’s prospecting machine was up and running in just 3 months across the entire EMEA region. Always a pleasure to talk to their customer success team. IKO delivers its promise!

Jérôme Lefebvre, Vice President EMEA, TideMark
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As a sales automation company, we’ve sent our fair share of cold emails. We know what works – and what doesn’t – by scrutinizing our engagement analytics, rigorous A/B testing and a strong dose of out of the box creativity.

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Why are you so frustrated by sending cold outreach emails? "Because it’s really hard!", you protest.   There are a great many variables and uncertainties that are involved with creating and sending a worthwhile email message: how to structure […]

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How can you target DHRs with IKO System? User feedback from the prospecting teams at Opensourcing.  See the video testimonial.

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