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The ultimate sales automation software to engage leads and trigger 5x more meetings.

Predictive Leads phase1

Engage IKO leads or other inbound & outbound leads. In one click.

Engagement Automation phase1

Send a scenario of sales emails and track interested leads.

Stream of Meetings phase1

Get a mechanism for fast-growth and full control over your pipeline.

200+ Customers in all B2B Industries

Jerome Lefebvre Tidemark

IKO’s prospecting machine was up and running in just 3 months across the entire EMEA region. Always a pleasure to talk to their customer success team. IKO delivers its promise!

Jérôme Lefebvre, Vice President EMEA, TideMark
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As a sales automation company, we’ve sent our fair share of cold emails. We know what works – and what doesn’t – by scrutinizing our engagement analytics, rigorous A/B testing and a strong dose of out of the box creativity.

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Upon first glance, you might be thinking that Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) and Automated Email Engagement solutions are practically identical. After all, they’re both used to send emails, right?   Well, there’s a bit more to […]

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The bottom line for Romain Baert, Associate and Sales Director at Mazeberry, was that the combination of IKO predictive leads and email automation was truly effective.

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