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The ultimate sales automation software to engage leads and trigger 5x more meetings.

Predictive Leads phase1

Engage IKO leads or other inbound & outbound leads. In one click.

Engagement Automation phase1

Send a scenario of sales emails and track interested leads.

Stream of Meetings phase1

Get a mechanism for fast-growth and full control over your pipeline.

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Romain Baert - Mazeberry

We now trigger meetings with 25% of targeted leads in one click!

Romain Baert, Chief Revenue Officer, Mazeberry
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Helpful stats, practical advice for building a prospecting team and setting realistic targets for your prospectors. How many meetings should you hope for? When you get down to it, recruitment and quotas are most dependent on how we decide to organize our teams.

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We all know salespeople do not send one single email when they try to get a meeting. They send multiple follow-up emails. So we’ve analysed these follow-up emails as well, what we call a complete scenario with multiple emails.

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The Data Intelligence experts at arvato are responsible for improving client relations and managing loyalty programs for their clients. With the goal of improving their sales prospecting, Hakim Taalba, arvato’s Data Intelligence director, […]

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